Tues March 11th

Went in for a little over 2 hours and logged 11 more zines last night.  I’ve started working on the pile I had originally designated as “literary based”.  Most of the zines in this designation are written by famous (a relative term in these types of works, but if i can search their name on the web and get hits at all, I consider them well-known, and famous if they not only have hits, but Wikipedia entries and/or reviews) zine or pamphlet writers, such as John Moore, a long time British anarchist, and Naomi Klein, a Canadian social activist and author of The Shock Doctrine.  Also I considered it “literary based” if they were established (again a relative term here) literary publications or from established publishers.  

One thing I haven’t noted yet in my progress is the finding of the term “perzine”.  I’m not exactly sure when it was that I became particularly familiar with the term, but a while back I started referencing zine library catalogs that I found available online, specifically the Denver Zine Library, The Barnard Zine Library, and the MCTC Minneapolis Zine Library.  All of the libraries use varying fields, and different ones from what Leslie and I set up, but I started paying attention to tags and looking at the assigned subjects, and noticed the term on many entries I was looking up.  I realized that part of the reason I was struggling with subject matter for many of the zines was because they were what is considered a “perzine”, or personal zine, which would mean the primary subject matter is themselves (the authors/creators).  So taking that into account, I’ve been assigning broad subjects to these types of zines and adding in the notes section that it is a perzine.  I’m not sure what we will do with this when it comes down to transferring this information into a finding aid and adding entries in the library’s catalog, but I’m sure it’ll be useful.  And I’m excited to eventually be reaching this step in the process.   

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